Top Communication Trends in the Hospitality Industry 

A long time ago, hotels, motels and other hospitality businesses had a simple space in people’s lives. They were a place for guests to lay down away from home. But anyone who’s spent time in the hospitality industry in the last few years knows that the role of technology in hospitality businesses has expanded.

In many instances, they’re becoming hubs of activity unto themselves. Much of this activity depends directly or indirectly on technology, making IT more vital to hotel operations and the guest experience than ever before.

So, below are some top communication technology trends in hospitality today. Check them out.

Mobile Device as Door Key

At some hotels, you can open the door to your room using your smartphone. 

It’s amazing that something as simple as a door key could undergo so much change. But the tool that once began as a carefully shaped piece of metal rapidly turned into electronic key cards and is set to shed its physical form completely. The next chance of the hotel key transforms it into data on a guest’s mobile device. Some hotels have already begun using implementing this, whether it involves NFC technology or scanning a code like many airports now do with plane tickets.

Service Automation

Self-serve is in. Today, many guests like technology over human interaction for easy tasks. Remote check-in and check-out choices are popular, and some hotels are starting to work with apps that let guests order room service right from their mobile devices.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Remember room phones? Probably not. Today, mobile devices have relegated the conventional room phone to obsolete. However, the room phone of the future may serve as a hub for a bigger connected experience.

Tech Lounges

Airline check-ins. Local info guides. A place where people can get out of their rooms but still access the internet to relax or get work done. The need for technology in hospitality increases each year, and savvy hospitality businesses are changing these guest desires into stylish semi-public spaces where guests can use tech on their terms.

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