Should I Go with a Laptop or a Tablet (Part I)?

Tablets have become popular because of their portability but laptops have a lot of good features too.

Tablets have gotten popular due to their easy-to-use interfaces, portability, and the vast range of functions they deliver. In some ways, the best tablets can replace a laptop for computing on the go. But is a tablet really the best choice over an ordinary laptop? Laptops are also portable yet can be used for a bigger range of tasks.

There is no one correct answer. The better device for you is based on what you mainly want to use it for.  Below are some of the differences between laptops and tablets to see which of the two might be a better choice for you.

Input Method

The clearest difference between a tablet and a laptop is the absence or presence of a keyboard. Tablets depend completely on a touchscreen interface for input, which is okay when you basically want to drag, point, or tap to move around an application. It can be more difficult, though, when you have to input text, like within a Word doc or email message.

Since tablets don’t have keyboards, users have to type on virtual keyboards that have different designs and layouts. Most folks can’t type as accurately or fast on a virtual keyboard. 2-in-1 designs offer a detachable keyboard that might improve the ability to type text. However, these models still fall short of the laptop experience due to their smaller size and more restrictive designs.

Tablet users can attach an external Bluetooth keyboard, but doing so increases the costs and peripherals that have to be carried with the tablet, making it less portable.

Laptops are better for those who write a lot, while tablets are great for those who do more point interaction.

Stand-Alone Device

If you can only afford one device, there’s no question about it: you should buy a laptop. Whereas a tablet does some computing functions very well, a laptop is a completely self-contained system that you can use confidently for loading programs or data onto and backing it up.




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