Must Have Accessories for Your Cell Phone

The right accessories can enhance the functionality of your cell phone as well as making everyone you know jealous. These accessories are absolute musts for today’s cell phone.

1. Bluetooth. Bluetooth is just a radio wave signal frequency that is used to make any type of electronic wireless. No more dealing with those wired headphones that you have to plug into your cell phone. Bluetooth earpieces are small, sleek and have plenty of range for you to walk about your desk or step away from your parked car while chatting away.

2. Antenna Booster. You would believe cell phones would have clear reception and good coverage just about anywhere these days. You’d be incorrect. Having an antenna booster is the solution that’s cheap, easy to install and will broaden your coverage area quickly. There’s nothing more aggravating than a dropped call or talking on your phone and it’s cutting in or out.

3. Amplifier Antenna. For cell phones that are the life line of road warriors, an amplifier antenna installed on the car is imperative. These antennas are stronger than the antenna boosters put in the actual cell phones and are put on the rear windshield of the car. They provide you amazing coverage in places known as “dead zones” between cell towers or in valleys/ mountain areas.

4. Mobile phone charger. Yes, this sounds really old-fashioned, but we still think this is a vital  accessory for those who travels a lot and talk on their cell a lot.

Really, why run down your cell phone’s battery when you are driving when you can use your mobile phone charger and extend the battery life for when you get out of your car? Check out the latest ones that have slimmer cords, dashboard mount, and cell phone holders.

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