Is Wi-Fi Calling Safe? (Part I)

Some phone’s can make phone calls through wifi networks. But, how private are your calls?

You may have heard that the new iPhone 6 supports making phone calls over WiFi networks. Using WiFi networks to make calls is the next great thing for mobile phones.

Though, how safe is it to make phone calls with public WiFi hotspots? Are your calls being encrypted? Should you take any necessary steps to safeguard yourself from WiFi hackers?

Welcome to WiFi Calling

Using WiFi networks to make mobile phone calls is referred to as WiFi calling. WiFi calling is the technology that lets packets of data from your cell phone be carried over the Internet and then put back into your cellular network.

This is different from VoIP services such as Skype, which also uses the web to make phone calls due to the fact that with WiFi calling, you can use your cell phone.

Folks are enthusiastic about WiFi calling. If you use the web to make phone calls, those minutes don’t count against your mobile plan. Also, it lets you make phone calls if you are outside your mobile provider’s coverage area.

The technology is not quite perfect yet. There are some problems when a phone goes from a mobile network to a WiFi hotspot. Calls could be dropped. Still, the possibility is there for using WiFi networks in the near future for many cellphones.

Using an App for Wi-Fi Calling

If your phone or carrier doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling, you could always send texts and calls via an app such as Google Voice, Facebook, Line, Skype or one of the numerous other calling apps that could be downloaded onto a cell phone. Remember, you’ll still have to have a data connection such as a carrier plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi calling is usually safe, even though your data is being sent over perhaps an unsecured Wi-Fi network. It is safe since the mobile carrier usually encrypts your voice data.


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