Flip Phones Making a Comeback

Still yearning for your Motorola Razr flip phone? Good news. A newer version of the ultrathin phone, hugely popular upon its 2004 release, is going to hit the market soon. Lenovo-owned Motorola is currently doing tests on the $1,500 model to be released in an exclusive partnership with Verizon.

According to current news, CNET states the smartphone to be shown at Mobile World Congress. Samsung is expected to display its Galaxy X, also with a folding screen, at the same event.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is also creating foldable and dual-screen devices, which are often viewed as productivity tools. 2019 is gearing up to be the year of the foldable phone.

Those old flip phones are expected to make a comeback.

Motorola, responsible for over 27% of US mobile-phone shipments in 2004, sold over 125 million Razr phones before Apple moved to dominate the market with the release of the iPhone in 2007. The company redid the Razr as the Droid Razr, also with Verizon, in 2011, but with little success. As reported, the company’s share of US phone shipments was less than 5% in the third quarter of 2018.

Swapping Smart Phones for Flip Phones

According to numerous media outlets, the largest trend this year is the return of the humble flip phone. The Seattle Times stated that the flip phone is going to be the newest protest statement.

Most folks are trying to separate themselves from their social media addiction which appears to be a common thread among those turning to an unconnected handset. Also, most want to show their kids that a smartphone isn’t your best friend.

The one old flip phone that many are hoping to see a reappearance of is one of the top-selling phones of all time, the Motorola RAZR. Lenovo has hinted that we could see the return of Motorola’s beloved flip phone.

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