Classrooms of the Future

While educational standards might vary from school to school, there is one thing that is always the same: the classroom set up. Desks are arranged in rows and the teacher is at the front and teach. This set up has changed very little in years even with all the technological progressions that have been made.

Things need to change if classrooms are to meet the needs of the contemporary learner. Below are some ways to produce the classroom of the future

Create technologically smart spaces

The way classrooms are set up needs to change.

As education begins to encourage technology in the classroom, space itself must morph and become technology-friendly. This can be done by providing charging ports in desks or throughout the classroom. Students must not have to compete for three electrical ports. Classroom USB chargers let students charge devices while working. The hope is that if more students are using technology, they need to be able to sustain their learning devices’ battery life.

Role of the Teacher

Teachers need to see that their role in the classroom is changing. Blended learning offers students control over their learning and teachers, while still critical aspects, need to be trained on how to teach and handle the classrooms of the future.  Teachers may not be up at the front and lecture but teach from the back and have an eye on student’s screens.

Constructing classrooms

Architects also need to be very aware of the needs of future students and construct classrooms accordingly. Classroom of The Future, an initiative in San Diego is encouraging educators and builders to think about what schools of the future have to allow better Wi-Fi and buildings need to be eco-green.

Communicating differently

Teachers, students, and parents can be more connected than ever. This will change the classroom. Via social networking, the classroom is a more open space and parents can view what happens each day. By sharing homework assignments, reminders and disciplinary emails the classroom of the future is now more seen by everyone involved.


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