Cell Phones for the Visually Impaired (Part III) 

Help in Using Your Phone

Finding the right phone is crucial but often getting information and help in using it is also imperative, especially if you’re visually impaired. A visit to sites such as the American Foundation for the Blind, the Carroll Center, and similar sites can usually get you in the right direction.

Some of the Right Smartphones

There are several brands of smartphones that offer software that can help the visually impaired.

If you’re trying to find a smartphone with some of the right features built-in, you want to take a look at the LG phones (For instance, the V30, G5, Stylo, etc.)

  • LG phones typically have:
  • audible cues
  • Braille display support
  • screen magnification
  • a screen reader
  • high contrast mode
  • voice output of messages
  • caller ID
  • voice menus
  • audible key identification
  • audible/tactile key feedback

Truthfully, not too bad right out of the box for a user with low vision and a more limited budget.

You’ll want to be sure any phone you choose has as much RAM as possible to make the phone do all you need it to do.

Cellphone Options

There are both simple, large font smartphones and the basic flip phones available which might be the ideal choice for users who have low vision or blindness. Here are a few other ones to consider:

Snapfon is basic with big buttons, simple to read font and 8-speed dial functions.

Jitterbug’s FLIP phone has a big, bright screen, easy menus, big buttons, and it can even act as a reading magnifier and flashlight. It might be right for seniors or those with a milder vision loss. Their Smartphone also provides simple menus, larger font, voice typing, and a bright screen for those who want something a little more sophisticated.

If true accessibility and basic are what you need then Odin VI might be worth looking at. The phone is a basic slider design and has:

  • a good screen reader
  • announcing caller ID
  • audible text messages and phone status
  • an easy to read display which can easily be adjusted

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