Cell Phones for the Visually Impaired (Part I)

Current technology has come up with cell phones for visually impaired people. These are supposed to give all types of cell-phone facilities to the blind by overcoming the obvious barriers.

Below are some technologies that can aid blind people when it comes to using mobile phones:

Screen readers

Technology like this can make life easier for the visually impaired.

This is a software product that can be very helpful for the blind, getting rid of the biggest barrier faced by them, vision. This software reads out to them the text on the screen, assisting them in operating the phone. Besides making and taking calls and reading messages, this software also lets them read websites and other information that may come up with the use of the browser.

This software is in phones like Nokia N82 and N86. These have KNFB text recognition technology with which users can take photos of items like labels, menus, etc., and then have them read aloud. Also, an iOS application with the same technology was recently launched.

Voice control

This is very useful for visually impaired as well as other folks. Voice control removes issues that come with using keypads which offers less tactile feedback. As far as regular folks are concerned, we all face situations where our hands are busy when we need to use our mobile phone.

BlueAnt provides a Bluetooth Voice Control headphone, named V1, which lets users control all mobile phone functions with voice. This works on any mobile phone that is Bluetooth enabled. With this, some of the most advanced smartphones of the current times can be used by blind and visually impaired people.

Android voice actions

Android has come up with many functionalities that can be used with voice commands.  Once set up correctly, this technology can make many Android phones, such as the touch-screen ones, usable by visually impaired and blind individuals.


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