Cell Phones for the Deaf 

Cell phones made specifically for the deaf can assist them in communicating with others. 

Mobile phones for deaf and hard of hearing people make communicating with loved ones a whole lot easier.

In this blog article, it talks about the benefits of amplified mobiles for the hard of hearing and looks at some of the most popular models available.

Cell Phone Technology is Inclusive

With changing technology, we typically take it for granted and rarely think of its usefulness and applications for various situations. Deaf and hard of hearing folks are not limited to these developments in technology and fortunately, they can get a host of assistive devices that can aid them with their communication and hearing impairment needs. Today’s cell phones now let users be flexible and have all their needs satisfied with one device.

Mobile phones are now available not only for the hard of hearing with various levels of hearing loss but also for the deaf. These cell phones can be used for emergency contacts, calls, texting, and video conferencing. They make it feasible for deaf people to enjoy instant communication and give them the independence to have a true conversation.

Mobile Phones Available for the Deaf

Based on your level of deafness, one cell phone crafted for hearing loss might be apter than others. Usually, modern cell phones offer a host of alerting devices like powerful vibrations, loud ringers, and flashing lights.

Jitterbug Flip

The Jitterbug Flip is a senior-friendly phone made specifically for older adults.  The Flip has a commanding loudspeaker and the highest hearing aid compatibility rating.

Jitterbug Smart2

The Jitterbug Smart2 is the smartphone version of senior-friendly cell phones. The Smart2 has a 5.5-inch screen, front-facing speakers with a basic call, data plans, and text.

Kyocera Cadence LTE

The Kyocera Cadence LTE from Verizon is an elementary flip phone with a high hearing aid compatibility rating. The phone is durable and basic with reviewers reporting complete satisfaction with audio quality.


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