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Apps for Dogs and Cats (Part I)

Cats can chase things like butterflies, mice, lasers and more on your phone. 

And now with the increasing number of apps for pets, it looks like your four-legged, furry family member can get in on the fun as well. Take a look at these fun apps created to let your pet play the day away.

Apps for cats

Game for Cats. This aptly named app lets your cat essentially chase butterflies, catch mice and paw at a wretched laser. In advanced levels, you can turn on the sound for more fun. And you can even brag about your cat’s high score on Facebook or Twitter.

Friskies Cat Fishing. This app is cute for kitties that love to catch fish. In the game, cats follow swimming “fish” and “catch” them with a swat. 

Paint for Cats. Think your cat is the new “Pawblo” Picasso? With plenty of colors and styles to select from, your kitty can create her own refrigerator art with this painting app. A squeaking mouse going across the screen works as inspiration for her strokes.

Apps for dogs

Game for dogs. Like its cat counterpart, this app allows your puppy to chase critters on the screen. You be the judge of whether or not your furry friend is more likely to lightly nudge the screen or use it as a chew toy. 

Pet acoustics. This app states to be able to make music that will calm and soothe your pet anywhere, anytime. It is crafted to work with the hearing sensitivities of any volume, pet infrequency, and rhythm. 

You’re desiring to be referred to as Pet Parent of the Year. So, of course, you want to have the best apps for cat and dog lovers. Regardless if it’s taking better care of your furry family member or communicating better with them, the latest apps make it simple, fun, and easy.

Cell Phone Information for Seniors

Cell phone companies tend to market their goods for young people and young families. They are missing a huge market by not marketing more explicitly toward the elderly. Cell phones are a life saver for many seniors.

Those seniors who live independently, but alone, have the choice of putting a cell phone in their pocket if they are going outside or even clip it to their clothes when walking around the house during the day in case of a slip and fall. A cell phone in the hands of a senior after a fall can really save their life.

Saying a cell phone in the hands of seniors can’t be effectively used is nothing more than a false statement. False hope is more distressing that lying injured on the floor hoping to be found. In most instances, the numbers on a cell phone are too tiny to read. Even the preset button on the cell phone can be too little to read, especially if glasses are broken in the fall.

A cell phone in the hands of a senior after a car accident or when they get a little confused about their destination can be a big advantage.

There are some senior-friendly cell phones on the market, but they have some flaws. One of the biggest flaws of these cell phones is that seniors don’t know about them or see their benefits. There needs to be more direct marketing geared at seniors to tell them about how beneficial a cell phone may be.

Family members can sleep a bit easier with a cell phone in the hands of a senior family member. Calling a home phone that doesn’t get answered can make family members a bit nervous. If a senior can be reached on their cell while grocery shopping, the family can worry a little less.

Cell Phone Etiquette

It is not unusual for us to get a little wrapped up in ourselves and breach the basic rules of cell phone etiquette. This can be very difficult when we aren’t even sure of the rules when it comes to cell phone etiquette.

Undoubtedly, talking on your cell phone in public places that a quiet environment is vital is deemed very rude. Libraries, court rooms, and high-end restaurants are the most obvious, and yet people still believe that they are excused from this very basic example of cell phone etiquette.

Don’t be this guy!

Even more upsetting is the basic attention that a cell phone can require. Regardless of where we are or what we are doing, we can be contacted, and we can be distracted. Whether we are having quiet time with family or a meeting with a prospective client, cell phones can swiftly drag away our attention. There is little that matches the blatant faux pas as the cell phone that makes the distraction and the answerer who puts the person/people they are with on hold.
Perhaps this is the basic cell phone etiquette misconception. Cell phones have the ability to intrude on the value of other people, whether we are in a restaurant talking loudly to a nameless voice on the other end of the phone, or letting our boss to disturb a tender moment with our significant other. The second our cell phones intrude on the respect of other people, we are certain to be violating basic cell phone etiquette.

Cell phones truly have their place in our society. However, with the exclusion of checking the caller ID to be sure that it is not a child trying to reach a parent to retrieve them, cell phones need to come with more off switches. Perhaps it would be more rightly to ask folks to use their off switch.