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Is Wi-Fi Calling Safe? (Part III)

Public wifi networks are hotspots for hackers trying to steal information from people like yourself.

What are the security concerns related to Wi-Fi calling?

When you send data by Wi-Fi, the security of your info is at the mercy of the network. Public Wi-Fi networks are sanctuaries for phishers and others who lie in wait for the chance to latch on to an unsuspicious user’s connection and steal their personal info. 

If you were to use a Wi-Fi calling app that did not correctly encrypt your data while on an unsafe public network, you would be wide open to information thieves.

Even if you’re using a secure network, you’re putting faith in your cellular carrier. Big-name carriers encrypt voice data so it can’t be accessed by outside parties. Though, one weakness in the flow of information is all that’s needed. 

In 2013, it was discovered that T-Mobile’s WiFi calling feature didn’t properly validate the security certificate on the server-side, creating a chance for a cyberattack. This kind of attack entails hackers making a fake security certificate and tricking the service into believing it is connecting with the proper target.

How can I protect myself?

Fortunately, the inherent risks linked with WiFi calling don’t mean you have to remain clear of this money-saving, convenient technology. Consumers can take steps to protect themselves against unsecured networks and unexpected security failures by using a product such as Hotspot Shield.

Hotspot Shield works by making a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, through which your data passes. You might recognize VPN technology as something used by employers to let remote workers access the secure company network. 

However, it has become a standard solution for savvy users who want to guarantee their data privacy on a daily basis. Also, you won’t have to fight with key fobs and complex software installations like you might have done with a corporate VPN. With Hotspot Shield, making your own VPN is a simple as downloading a file.

Is Wi-Fi Calling Safe? (Part II)

Hackers can listen to your conversations.

Is WiFi Calling Safe?

First, the good news: Yes, WiFi calling is safe, even though your data (your voice) is being sent over maybe unsafe WiFi networks. That’s due to the fact your mobile carrier encrypts your voice, including when it’s sent over WiFi networks. Therefore, even if your voice is sent over public Wi-Fi hotspots, it’s being encrypted by your cell phone provider, making it useless to Wi-Fi hackers.

However, a few voice over-Wi-Fi apps bypass your mobile carrier and therefore might perform no encryption. If you are using one of these apps and your phone is connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you can be in danger of being listened to by Wi-Fi hackers.

So, if you are using a voice-over-Wi-Fi app on your phone, be safe by using a VPN. VPNs encrypt all the data coming out and, on your phone, including your voice.

Wi-Fi Calling is the next great thing for your mobile phone, so be sure you are making the correct call by safeguarding your private phone calls with a VPN.

 What are the advantages of making calls over Wi-Fi?

One of the largest appeals of Wi-Fi calling is that it offers an alternative to cellular technology and can save you money. For folks who struggle with choppy cellular coverage, either because they reside in a rural area or because they just ended up with a bad combination of geographic area and carrier, it’s amazing news. Wi-Fi calls frequently don’t count against your designated number of cellular minutes, so you can talk as long as you like over a Wi-Fi connection without fretting about extra charges.

What are the disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling?

Mobile carriers are still working out the kinks. If you’re on a call while in transit and your Wi-Fi signal drops, the call could be dropped as well while your phone attempts to connect to a cellular network. But the largest disadvantage is the possible security risk.

Is Wi-Fi Calling Safe? (Part I)

Some phone’s can make phone calls through wifi networks. But, how private are your calls?

You may have heard that the new iPhone 6 supports making phone calls over WiFi networks. Using WiFi networks to make calls is the next great thing for mobile phones.

Though, how safe is it to make phone calls with public WiFi hotspots? Are your calls being encrypted? Should you take any necessary steps to safeguard yourself from WiFi hackers?

Welcome to WiFi Calling

Using WiFi networks to make mobile phone calls is referred to as WiFi calling. WiFi calling is the technology that lets packets of data from your cell phone be carried over the Internet and then put back into your cellular network.

This is different from VoIP services such as Skype, which also uses the web to make phone calls due to the fact that with WiFi calling, you can use your cell phone.

Folks are enthusiastic about WiFi calling. If you use the web to make phone calls, those minutes don’t count against your mobile plan. Also, it lets you make phone calls if you are outside your mobile provider’s coverage area.

The technology is not quite perfect yet. There are some problems when a phone goes from a mobile network to a WiFi hotspot. Calls could be dropped. Still, the possibility is there for using WiFi networks in the near future for many cellphones.

Using an App for Wi-Fi Calling

If your phone or carrier doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling, you could always send texts and calls via an app such as Google Voice, Facebook, Line, Skype or one of the numerous other calling apps that could be downloaded onto a cell phone. Remember, you’ll still have to have a data connection such as a carrier plan or Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi calling is usually safe, even though your data is being sent over perhaps an unsecured Wi-Fi network. It is safe since the mobile carrier usually encrypts your voice data.


Top Communication Trends in the Hospitality Industry 

A long time ago, hotels, motels and other hospitality businesses had a simple space in people’s lives. They were a place for guests to lay down away from home. But anyone who’s spent time in the hospitality industry in the last few years knows that the role of technology in hospitality businesses has expanded.

In many instances, they’re becoming hubs of activity unto themselves. Much of this activity depends directly or indirectly on technology, making IT more vital to hotel operations and the guest experience than ever before.

So, below are some top communication technology trends in hospitality today. Check them out.

Mobile Device as Door Key

At some hotels, you can open the door to your room using your smartphone. 

It’s amazing that something as simple as a door key could undergo so much change. But the tool that once began as a carefully shaped piece of metal rapidly turned into electronic key cards and is set to shed its physical form completely. The next chance of the hotel key transforms it into data on a guest’s mobile device. Some hotels have already begun using implementing this, whether it involves NFC technology or scanning a code like many airports now do with plane tickets.

Service Automation

Self-serve is in. Today, many guests like technology over human interaction for easy tasks. Remote check-in and check-out choices are popular, and some hotels are starting to work with apps that let guests order room service right from their mobile devices.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence

Remember room phones? Probably not. Today, mobile devices have relegated the conventional room phone to obsolete. However, the room phone of the future may serve as a hub for a bigger connected experience.

Tech Lounges

Airline check-ins. Local info guides. A place where people can get out of their rooms but still access the internet to relax or get work done. The need for technology in hospitality increases each year, and savvy hospitality businesses are changing these guest desires into stylish semi-public spaces where guests can use tech on their terms.

What is the Right Age for a Child to Have a Cell Phone?

There was a time the biggest thing on a child’s wish list was a new bicycle. Today, children want cell phones at younger and younger ages. How old is old enough to buy a child a cell phone? How young is too young?

Cell phone shopping for young people can be very difficult. Contingent to the age of the child, it is likely they have not built enough self-restraint to have a cell phone. School work may not get done, as well as their social relationships may suffer.

Cell phones now have internet access, which can bring danger to your child. A lot of downloadable information isn’t age appropriate. Cell phones also give children private communication capabilities via texting. There have been instances in the news recently of teachers finding students watching porn on their cell phones in the classroom.

It is not necessary to activate all of the possible features that come with a cell phone, but knowing your own child’s limitations can help you understand what is really appropriate for them at their age. Private texting can create extremely inappropriate conversations. Unlike instant messaging or phone conversations, texts can be removed ASAP you have no recourse to decide whether your child is having harmless conversations with their friends or are being lured into dangerous and self-destructive conduct.

Now, there are cell phones more suitable for children. These phones come with a parental control feature that only let your child access preset phone numbers such as reaching mom at work, 911 access, and several preset phone numbers of the parent’s choice. The cell phone needs a pass code to access any changes to the phone’s abilities to prevent the child from listing their own phone numbers in their cell phone. The right age for you to give your child a cell phone is really up to you, the parent.

Staying Safe in Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are in vogue on the web. They use web internet users with a method to get in touch with individuals who share a comparable hobby or passion, discuss occupations and suggestions, etc. But, chat rooms are additionally generally made use of for other purposes and this includes on the internet dating. If taken part in making use of common sense, chat rooms could be a great deal of fun. However, there are several ways to ensure that your chat room experience is not one to be sorry for.

behave-in-internet-chat-rooms-step-11When chatting with individuals in chat rooms, never ever hand out your residence phone number. Why? Since individuals can utilize your telephone number in a reverse lookup and obtain your mailing address, thus discovering where you live.

Do not hand out your house address in on the internet chat rooms. This is a recipe for disaster as well as the reason is due to the fact that you do not know that is in the chat room or that is viewing and you do not desire perfect strangers to understand where you live.

Never announce your daily timetable in chat rooms. Not that anybody would intentionally do this, partially due to the fact that it makes no feeling, however users must be careful of just how they address specific questions. If you are a college student and mention a particular course, someone can ask exactly what university you participate in as well as ask just what time your class is later in the conversation. Without even realizing it, you have actually informed an area filled with complete strangers where you will certainly be and also just what time you will certainly be there. For evident reasons, this is possibly not the most effective suggestion.

A great deal of individuals do this, but care should be offered when sending a picture to any individual in chat rooms. Every person wants to have a face to opt for the name of their brand-new good friend, which is easy to understand, yet attempt to prevent sending out an image to every person and any person that you satisfy in chat rooms.

As a last thought for safety in chat rooms, common sense will certainly obtain your via the procedure securely. The internet is a fantastic method to fulfill brand-new buddies as well as can provide an electrical outlet for people to locate convenience in the shoulder of a stranger, but there are important policies to follow when using chat rooms. If the topics end up being severe or the conversation transforms weird in any way, authorize out and also overlook the individual with which you were just chatting. Utilizing chat rooms as a leisure activity can be a great deal of fun, but never ever enable it to become your whole social circle.

A Look at the Apple iPhone

Whenever you listen to people speak about smartphones, there’s one name that shows up greater than any type of name, the apple iPhone. Lots of consider the iPhone to be the peak of mobile phones, however couple of use the phone to its complete potential. If you wish to utilize your apple iPhone for all it’s worth, then keep reviewing for some useful pointers.

bn-nf598_ptech0_h_20160323105214Find My iPhone is a free app that will help you quickly find your phone. It lets you gain access to your phone from another location and gives you a map to the location, as well as turns the volume up so the phone is easier to hear from under thick blankets, or lock the phone and clean all data in situation of theft.

To disable your 3G GRPS link or edge link, press the setting button. After that touch general, network, as well as cellular data network. Type in a few characters that will keep your apple iPhone from providing providers the ideal worth when it asks for your information. After that restart your phone.

Do not turn on your phone if you mistakenly drop your apple iPhone into water! This could cause irreversible damages to your phone because it will be short-circuited. Rather, you ought to use a towel to gently dry it. Never ever utilize a hairdryer since this can press the dampness into the completely dry locations. The best way to dry your phone out overnight is to put it in to some uncooked white rice in a bag or bowl. You have a much better chance of reviving your phone by doing this.

As stated in the past, the iPhone is one of the most highly pertained to smartphones around. The phone has a lot of beneficial attributes, however very few people know how to utilize the full power of the apple iPhone. Now you can thanks to the tips from this article. If you don’t have an iPhone, get one today and also release it’s power.

Satellite Telephones

As technology advanced ahead, a lot of things we’ve considered approved for several years are being born-again under the banner of wireless or cordless satellite Internet. Obviously, we’re talking about a whole lot greater than just receiving the Internet from a satellite connection. Several various other technologies have actually additionally acquired brand-new life with making use of “sky birds.”

irdm_extreme_photo-with-laptop_12sep11Some of the most visible modifications in modern technologies has actually remained in communications and also enjoyment. Mobile phones utilize satellite solutions to bounce signals essentially worldwide. Although cellular phone solution is commonly within a 2 mile distance of a cellular tower, by using the power of stationary satellites, a signal or link on a cellular phone can be transmitted to anywhere an additional cell tower could be found. This is particularly excellent news for those individuals that tend to remain in more remote areas.

Wireless satellite Internet is a connection to the web that’s offered anywhere the sky could be seen. Utilizing a satellite to earn the connection into the web holds the guarantee of all the web constantly, anytime. The always on no matter where you are can be a significant benefit for many individuals. This function is specifically encouraging for serious fans of sports, sport groups, information, climate addicts, supply reports, etc. Picture anytime, constantly, whenever there’s a computer system to be able to log right into your Internet link using wireless satellite Internet services.

One more technology that drops under the umbrella of cordless satellite Web is the entire TV category. Business like Dish Network and Direct Way are quickly building facilities that changes standard antennae or cable TV reception options. For about the very same cost as cable-TV a clear view of the southern skies will certainly supply crystal clear TV with all prominent channels.

Movies on Demand is an up as well as coming modern technology that will essentially permit you to purchase motion pictures to view whenever you want. No more being linked to the begin times of the networks, cable television business or perhaps the satellite amusement providers. All films, whenever, all the time is the driving force behind the wave of growth in this fast paced industry.

Using Facebook Messenger

14059743902_688e19663f_oYou can now instantly reach individuals in your life– completely free. Facebook messenger is much like texting, yet you do not need to spend for every message (it collaborates with your data plan).

This is not simply for Facebook buddies: Message individuals in your telephone directory and also just enter a contact number to include a new person into your contacts.

Group chats: Put the people you tend to message the most in their own group. You can name the group, add photos and also have all of them in one area.

Videos and Photos: Fire videos and break selfies or various photos from other sources right from the application and send them with one tap.

Chat heads: Keep the discussion going while you utilize other applications.

Free calls: Talk as long as you desire, despite people in other countries. (Telephone calls are complimentary over Wi-Fi. Or else, basic information charges use.).

There are many other things you can do in messenger:.
Use stickers to bring some extra life into your conversations
Preview your gallery photos as well as video clips without leaving the conversation– after that choose the perfect ones to send.
When you want to speak something rather than talk, you can record voice messages.

Extra attributes:.
You can see and know when people have actually seen your messages.
Forward messages or photos to people that were not in the discussion.
Search for people and teams to rapidly return to them.
Activate your own location to let individuals know when you’re nearby.
See who’s readily available on Facebook Messenger and that’s energetic on Facebook.
Create faster ways to find any discussion right from your home screen.
Shut off notifications when you’re working, sleeping or simply need a break.
Stay visited so you never miss out on a message.

There are a lot of benefits to using Facebook Messenger to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Keeping in Touch with Skype

Skype has become a very popular way for friends and family to keep in touch. Skype is used best for being together with others when you are otherwise far apart. Skype makes it easy to share videos, chat messages, voice and also video clips with anyone that matters to you, anywhere they are.

skypeWith Skype, you could work with associates, hold a meeting, learn a language, commemorate a birthday, share a tale– almost anything you should do together on a daily basis. Skype can be used on whatever works finest for you – on your Skype enabled television, your computer, or even your phone. And, best of all, Skype is free to use!  It gives you the ability to instantaneously message others, or to even see and speak with them. You can even experiment with video chatting with groups, with the most recent variation of Skype.

If you pay a little, you could do even more points, in more ways, with more individuals– like telephone call phones, accessibility WiFi or send out texts. You can pay as you go or acquire a registration, whatever benefits you. And in the workplace, this implies you could bring your whole community of workers, partners and also consumers together to obtain points done. Try Skype out today and begin including your good friends, family members and also coworkers. They will not be difficult to discover; thousands of millions of people are currently using Skype to do all type of points together.

In the office, it is a great way to hold a teleconference, especially with the new updates now offered through Skype. My favorite way to use Skype is through video chats with family and friends that live far away. There is nothing like sitting face to face with a loved one in real time. If you haven’t tried Skype yet, what are you waiting for? It is a wonderful tool for the entire family to use!