Best Medical Alert Systems (Part IV) 



  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • 30-Day Battery Life on Cellular Unit
  • Automatic Fall Detection + GPS on Cellular Unit
  • Free Month of Service


ResponseNow is an Oregon business known for quality products and excellent customer service. There has been much talk about their equipment and their customer service beliefs. Since their values are quite exceptional, this company is highly recommended. One top recommendation is their cellular-based medical alert system called “Belle” due to its long battery life.




  • 1000 ft In-Home Range
  • Activity Alerts
  • Cellular or Land-line Options
  • Two Year Battery Life


Choose a bracelet or a pendant.

QMedic provides one of the few “smart” in-home medical alert systems on the current market. You can pick from a wristband or pendant and cellular or landline base station. With a good range of 1,000ft radius from the base station, it outshines most other in-home systems in this way.

Besides the in-home range, QMedic also has activity alerts to sense deviations in sleep and activity patterns. You can also pick to have alerts sent to the professional monitoring center or set up family/caregivers to be notified.



  • Affordable
  • Choose T-Mobile or AT&T for Cellular Unit
  • Free Shipping, Free Activation


Alert1 has numerous new medical alert systems to choose from today. They have a conventional basic pendant-style device, a pendant with fall detection, and a small mobile (cellular-based) emergency response button called the “Kelsi”. Alert1 has an American based emergency response center and prices are low. The one thing to know that while there is no fee for termination, if you cancel, you will forfeit your pre-paid services.

Alert1 has a no-termination fee option for Senior List customers. To get this value-add, you have to let them know you were referred by The Senior List. They will put a note in your file so you can terminate without forfeiting your pre-paid monies.



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