Are Landlines Going Away?

Should you cut the cord?

Around 120 million folks in the US currently still use landlines. Nonetheless, that number is quickly going down. In ‘06, only 10.5% of houses didn’t have a landline. Currently, 35 to 48% of households don’t have a landline. That signifies that the number of folks who have landlines has diminished by over 55% within the last 10 years.

While many still have landlines, the technology is gradually becoming obsolete. In fact, specialists say that landlines will totally be gone in about 10 years. This reduction in popularity can be credited to the following reasons:

Landlines Are Unnecessary

Landlines were needed before cell phones became widespread. Today, cell phones have taken over as the main way to communicate. With more folks using cell phone, it’s just a matter of time before shortage of demand eliminates landlines from the market.

Cell Phones Do More with Less

Cell phones are still mainly communication devices, but they offer numerous methods of communication. You can talk with folks thru email, social media, and text. You can surf the web. You can use your cell to control everything from your security alarm system to your heating/cooling unit. Not to mention the thousands of games. These are the reasons having a landline may feel more like a visual choice than a practical one.

Landlines Are Expensive

When you’re currently paying a cell phone bill every month, why pay a landline too? Not only can you talk on your cell, but you can also use Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Skype to talk to someone face to face anywhere on earth. Most folks today who have house phones have them as part of a bundle plan. The price of having a landline is increasing in many areas, another reason that numerous folks decide to do away with one.

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