Apps for Dogs and Cats (Part III)

Happy Wings allows your cat to play in a garden full of dragonflies and hummingbirds. 

Happy Wings

Happy Wings welcomes your cat to a garden complete of flittering critters, like an irresistible moth, a charming hummingbird, and a little dragonfly. See these critters dance across the screen in funny patterns to get your cat’s attention and take pleasure in many garden settings with ambient sounds. For each level, the game setting alters, the patterns get faster and several creatures appear together.

 Tips for getting your cat interested in using a tablet or smartphone games:

 Turn out the lights. A lit screen in a dark room will aid in getting their attention and sustaining it.

Larger screens are better than small ones. For most, a bigger screen is typically better for getting a cat’s attention. Therefore, if you have a tablet, use it rather than your cell. 

Don’t leave your cat alone with it. Unless you desire a broken screen when your cat knocks it off the table or teeth chew the sides, this is an item that necessitates total supervision, for your cat’s safety and your electronic device. Usually, a bare glass screen on most phones and tablets will hold up to cat’s claws with no issues, but their claws can damage add-on screen protectors.

Show your cat how to play and make it appear fun. Play with the app on the floor in front of your cat. It might take some time, but your cat will get the idea that pawing the screen in specific places makes it more fun to watch.

Let your cat go at his or her own pace. No one likes having anything shoved in their faces, including your kitty. Whatever you do, do it slowly and casually. Don’t make your cat play. Allow him or her to walk away if that’s what they decide to do. Just try again some other time.

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