Apps for Dogs and Cats (Part II)



As the name suggests, it’s like that other social network, but for over one million cats and their peeps. You can record a diary of your kitty’s activities, find other cats by location or breed, and “friend” likeminded feline friends.

You can set your dog up with a play date.


Walking your doggie just got a lot more fun and interactive. A social network for dog lovers, DoggieDatez is a GPS-based app that lets users find other doggies close to you by “marking their territory” and “friend” them to play games.

Dog Translator 

Always wondering what Rex is trying to tell you when he barks? Now you don’t have to. This app allows users to record their dog’s barks and examine them to let you know what he’s really trying to say.


Issue: You have to get a dog sitter and a good one quickly and you want to get updates on him while you’re away. Solution: DogVacay app. This handy app lets you get a vetted, insured dog sitter who can send daily photo updates straight to your smartphone.

Game for Dogs 
Have a hoot of a time playing together, this app allows you and your furry companion to chase the virtual squeaky toy together.

Pet First Aid (Jive Media)
No pet owner ever wants to have an emergency, but wouldn’t it be simpler if all the help you needed was in your pocket? This app has the latest photos, information, and videos of how to care of everything from accidental poisonings to broken bones.

Jitter Bug

With JitterBug, your cat can practice catching little bugs. In the game mode, there are five fifteen-second rounds to get as many bugs as possible, and then you can put your cat’s score on Facebook.

Also, there’s an advanced mode where you can pick how many of every sort of bug will appear. Advanced mode also has an endless play option, so your kitty can practice as long as she or he likes. 


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