Tele Art

The art of the telephone and other communication devices

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mara-bush-220x300Communication is one of the big things that separates we humans from the other animals of the world. We have, over the years, discovered new, advanced ways to communicate with one another through phones, computers, and other technological advances.

That is what this site is dedicated to. Communication is a form of art, and the ways we communicate are part of that. Long gone are the days when we used smoke signals to communicate to the rest of our people that company was coming over. These days, there are numerous ways to get our message across. Even third world countries now have access to satellite communications and other ways to talk with one another.

My name is Sandra Hill, and I am in college majoring in Communications. This site is part of my school work, to explore how we humans use technology to communicate with one another. I hope you will follow along. If you have any ideas of things I should cover, please contact me.